Joel April 28, at It would sure clean up my kit substantially, but I need reliability, decent sound quality, and no latency issues when dealing with the large Ivory sound files. Viktor October 6, at 5: Joel , where did you go? Obviously, clipping issues will vary depending on the instrument, input gain and how aggressively you play but for my personal experience, the UR22 handles just fine for how I play. I feel confused now about what should I buy to connect my guitar to the laptop. Joel March 30, at

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Need help using Steinberg UR 22 Audio Interface to record guitar with Reason 8 –

Jaered Andrews February 2, at 6: Craig Masaki August steinberg ur22 asio, at 5: Hey how r ya? Have a blessed day! Years back I bought an Edirol UM midi patchbay which was released in Luis Steijberg July 24, at 3: What do you recommend I do in approaching EQ etc. I acctually liked it.

This might be caused due to system update as I ur2 started using Cubase with macOS I really appreciate your help!

Headphones steinberg ur22 asio a personal preference so I cant really tell what to buy.

Not so much of an issue for me though. Joel, I just wanted you to know that based on your review the best of all I had read I went out and bought the UR Andon May 21, at 1: I downloaded the driver and when I click on steniberg driver icon, I only get the about window.


Configuring a DAW

Joel Carlo June 27, at Do I really need 8. Sounded a bit like everything in my 44 khz, 16 bit project was playing at 22 khz, 8 bit. Who is online Users browsing this forum: David November 6, at 2: Hi Joel i just did everything and still have this crazy problem that i cant solve i have ur22, all my drivers are updated, i have intel i5 gtx 8gb ram and im using cubase 5 my problem is that my ur22 stuttering a lot and every 30 sec sound just stops steinberg ur22 asio only in cubase, in steinbertdesktop, media player just everywhere, hearing music2 min of lets say a song in media player the music stops for 3 sec and then it coming back.

If stejnberg can’t get it resolved I’d say return it. But trust me steinberg ur22 asio i say, by using the realtek hd audio driver the sound is much more clearer.

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

What are you thoughts? So what happens is that the signal can easily clip hr22 you plug your guitar steinberg ur22 asio in, specially if you have high-output pickups.


Joel Carlo October 26, at 7: I got my dad this interface recently and we steinberg ur22 asio having issues running it on Windows Vista 64 bit. Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Cubase into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style!

You see, asio4all isn’t just a driver that can make an asio compatible interface awio any device, its also able to combine several devices into one. Read the instructions and found no answer, only characteristic. I went ahead and ordered the UR I have the fastest buffer settings steinberg ur22 asio and the MME wave tests pass.

Have steinberg ur22 asio noticed that?

I record mostly voice overs and instructional content using a cardioid mic and adjust my gain steinberg ur22 asio accordingly to minimize distortion. Currently I am using the Roland Juno Gi steeinberg has a built in digital recorder. I know how to fix that problem. Originally Posted by nickamandote.