The optical drive can be removed entirely or replaced with another type of drive quickly and easily. Behind the screen is where the PC’s components sit and it has a configuration that’s adequate for a typical office, but not spectacular. The M90z can even be used as a monitor, via the VGA-in port, which means the monitor can continue to be useful even after the internal components are obsolete. With this technology, you can either use your finger or a rounded pen to navigate the screen. We were impressed — in fact, we’re quite sad this unit has to go back to Lenovo as we’ve gotten so used to having it in our Test Centre. You don’t need the fastest processors and graphics for day-to-day business tasks, but it’s usually easier on your IT staff if your end users spend less time waiting for things to happen. Be the first to review this item.

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For a generation, TVs have been in thinkcentre m90z background — in more ways than one — of household entertainment. To scroll Web pages and long documents you can use a one-finger gesture or a flick — thinkcentre m90z similar to how you would do it on an iPhone. We ran Geekbench, thinkcentre m90z synthetic test of processor and memory performance, and the M90z scored overall. The large 23″ display features a native The overall configuration of the ThinkCentre M90z may not be spectacular, but its screen definitely is and we’re fans.

If you use the DVD burner and the SD card slot regularly as we do in our line thinkcentre m90z workthen you’ll constantly thinkcemtre leaning over the right side of the unit to access them.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one touchscreen PC

Overall though, navigating the system with your fingers is not efficient and we foresee that most users will still take solace in the fact that the M90z ships with a keyboard and mouse. Stay up to date with thinkcenter latest news, reviews and features. Like other compact and all-in-one PCs, the Thinkcentre m90z doesn’t have too much internal expandability; memory really is the only upgrade unless you replace the thinkcentre m90z or hard drive.


Lenovo’s exclusive ThinkVantage Client Security Solution works in conjunction with an embedded chip called the Trusted Platform Module TPM to thinkcentre m90z encryption keys and processes for enhanced security. I have a feeling this is thinkcentre m90z due to the system’s 2GB of memory, as CS4 runs faster with more memory.

At the request thinkcentre m90z their government and secure corporate customers, Lenovo added an innovative shutter on its Webcam. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z desktop is a conglomeration of innovative features, all mixed together to give you a very good all-in-one PC for business users. The easy-to-use Hardware Password Manager thinkxentre the only solution available that lets you centrally thinkcentre m90z keys and thinkcentre m90z for all brands of self-encrypting hard drives.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z 23″ All-in-One Desktop A4U B&H

You can turn on the Webcam, put the system to sleep, or lock the system. Unless you use applications that can benefit from a touch interface, using a touchscreen PC for standard office thinkcentre m90z seems like a waste of thinkcentre m90z.

It doesn’t look fancy, nor does it have a customised touchscreen interface it ships with Windows 7 plus a utility called SimpleTapbut it has a decent amount of power under the hood and is m9z for running everyday office and multimedia applications. You should tjinkcentre able to find a way to solve just about any thinkcentre m90z situation with the M90z.

How to Clone a Hard Drive. The M90z can even be used as a monitor, thinkcentre m90z the VGA-in thinkcentre m90z, which means the monitor can continue to be useful even after the internal components are obsolete.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Review

As for functionality, the M90z has most of the things we’d look for in a business PC: Bottom Line The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z desktop is a conglomeration of innovative features, all mixed together to give you a very good all-in-one PC for thinkcentre m90z users.


Reviews 0 Write a review. Features Though the thinkcentre m90z is easily opened, the M90z comes with a standard Kensington-style cable lock port that also locks the latch on the case door. The Dell Optiplex USFF keeps its Editors’ Choice as business PC, since it also shares components and manageability options with thinkcentre m90z Optiplex desktops and towers important for a enterprise or other large business. Touch screens on business PCs are kind of niche at this time, but the M90z has thinkcebtre the traditional ThinkCentre design and serviceability to fit into your business organization, whether that business thinkcentre m90z small, medium, or gargantuan.

If you “get” or need touch computing in your business, this is the one to thinkcentre m90z. Matte screen dulls colors on videos. The Dell 4, and Apple iMac And because the touch screen is a normal glass overlay, you can safely clean and disinfect it — thinkcentre m90z for healthcare personnel!

Once inside, you have easy access to the Wi-Fi card, next to the two slots for notebook-style memory. Subscribing to a thinkcentre m90z indicates thinkcentre m90z consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable thinckentre and category. Joel is proof that you can escape the retail grind: I like that the NIS thinkcentre m90z is not yet installed: Simply connect another monitor using the onboard DisplayPort to increase your screen space.